In Malaysia, the term “Original Rejet Perfume” is quite familiar. Many has fallen for it. It seems that many people still not realise, with just a simple Google, you will find that ONLY IN MALAYSIA these so called “ORI REJECT” perfumes are being sold. Isn’t it weird?

The truth is, there is no such thing as rejected perfume from the original perfume manufacturer. Not saying that all perfumes that came out from the factory are perfect, but any defects on any type of product, they are controlled and monitored. Especially for big name branded / designer company like Armani, Lancome, Burberry and many more.
These big companies will not simply letting those defected product out to the market. Have you seen Burberry shirt at the Reject Shop or FOS shop? Think logic.

The term “original reject perfume” are used just to lure you to believe that fake items are original. And why only in Malaysia? Because Malaysia Boleh? Haha…Bole tipu and kena tipu!

Original Reject Perfumes Are Actually Fakes!